When Hope is Beyond Reach

What does one do when h/she no longer sees the light at the end of the tunnel? Is there a burial ground for broken hearts? What do we do when life is shattered by words, stabbed by mistrust, and shot by consuming jealousy and manipulation; until a punch in the face dealt the final blow? What does one do when all that is left is a heart that is bleeding to death?

There are times in life when hope is nowhere in sight. These are the desperate times. Sometimes life brings us to a crossroad.  It is a cross road of making changes we do not want to make. Yet to stay in the same place life would be a mere existence.

Being a child of God doesn’t exempt us from real issues. Along time ago I made the decision to be real with God-He knows me better than I know me- anyway. Even if all I can do is weep before Him; He understands my tears. I can trust Him with my emotions. He is big enough to handle my fears, my broken dreams, and even the truth that I have moments when hope is beyond my reach. I found out God has a much greater reach. He has never failed to reach down with His Presence and love me through the times of writhing pain whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual.Support

The Word of God has many examples of hurting people who were open and honest about the pain in their lives. Jeremiah asks God, Why is my pain unceasing, and my wound incurable, refusing to be healed? Will you be to me like a deceitful brook, like waters that fail?” (Jer 15: 18)

The greatest thing that changes when I voice my struggles and heartaches to the LORD is me. If only we knew how Great is our LORD and how much He longs for a us to have a relationship with Him, He would be the first One we run to when we are in pain of any kind and He would also be the One we give our deepest thanks to for being our loving Father. If we don’t give continual thanks to God, why should He continue to listen to our pleas? (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Jeremiah learns from trusting God with all his emotions as he writes in Jer. 17:7 “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord.” (note that he not only trusts in the Lord; Jeremiah wrote TRUST IS THE LORD.)

Life can hurt us so bad that we lose hope. Sometimes hope is just behind the veil—we can’t see it. Like Jesus Who said He would never leave us or nor forsake us- we often don’t feel His Presence but He is with us. When we voice our deepest pain to the LORD it changes us. Will we still go through pain in this life? I don’t know how to avoid it while we are on earth. But with the LORD we will go through it.  Hope is often behind a veil we create when we bury our pain deep within our hearts. We need to deal with it by giving it to the One who is well able to help us. As we trust God and share our pain with Him (remember He already knows but longs for a relationship with you and me) our hearts will be filled with His Prevailing Hope. He is the One who loves you. He is the One who can  heal and restore your heart with His love, joy and peace that passes understanding. He will guide you through the deepest raging river of pain and help you find the pathway to safety and place of peace. He is the Only One who can do that. He loves You.                      -McKee

God’s grace is sufficient for all the human race;

God’s grace is sufficient for who are in this place.

God’s grace is sufficient for each of use to see’

God’s grace is sufficient for me, yes even me. -jStark