Chapter 10 of Revelation: Seven Thunders & Little Book

The last book of the Bible - RevelationsWoe, woe, woe (Revelation 8:13b)! Chapter10 begins the introduction to the 3rd woe. Like the 7th seal introduces the 7 trumpets, the third woe introduces the 7 vial (bowls) judgment; plagues or curses on those who have taken the 666 seal of the anti-Christ. We already have credit cards with embedded chips. We have computer programs and televisions that are voice sensitive. There are also control words that search or key in or when we type on line, send e-mails, or do web searches.

More Than A Data Center

More Than A Data Center

None of the network or cable news programs will report on such. Conspiracy? You decide as you continue to read these articles on Revelation. Perhaps it is prophecy being completed in clear sight, but no one is looking. This is all for national security… right?

Comparing this angel in chapter 10 verse 1 to the angel in Isaiah 14:12 and Revelation 9:1, this mighty angel in 10:1 “came down from heaven.” He was not cast from or fallen from heaven. This messenger is from God and comes with His blessing. As majestic as this angel is described, it is not likely it is Jesus as some commentaries suggest. Verse 6 in chapter 10 makes this abundantly clear. Recall some of the descriptions of Satan as an angel; Ezekiel 28:13. We also find two other strong angels mentioned in Revelation. They are found in Revelation 5:2 and 18:21. Each Revelation angel is identified as “another strong angel.” This means each is separate from the other two strong angels. One might make a connection with these angels and The Book of Daniel angels found in *10:5-6 and 12:5-7.

*this passage discusses the destiny of Jerusalem, the Jews and Israelites; Tribes of Israel [O.T]. These are God’s chosen. Gentiles [N.T.] are destined by his or her choice of accept or reject (staying neutral) of Jesus Christ.

The mighty angel in 10:1 has a “little book” in hand. He is so powerful that when he speaks, it is like seven thunders of voices. In verse 4 John is told to “seal up the message” but only after John hears each of the seven different messages from the 7 thunders. The reader must be cautioned at this point in Revelation. Things on earth are about to be totally altered at the hand of God the Father, Son [and Holy Spirit]. God made man and woman (Adam and Eve) to fellowship with him. Satan now knows his destruction is at hand. He pulls out all stops to help destroy man’s trust in God. His attitude is altered. He now wants to not only keep people from believing in Christ, but destroy what he can’t rule over. One might suggest Satan wishes to take to hell any he can keep from the Kingdom of God on earth… “…thy kingdom come, they will be done on EARTH as it is in heaven.”

John is the last of the disciples (Apostles). His revelation of Revelations is the final message of the Holy Word of God to us. The next step in God’s design is his kingdom on earth. No more revelations; no more sightings; no more written visitations; no more Bible. Read the last few verses in Revelation 22 and we see the seal of God’s hand on such events. Next stop? Jesus returns to earth to claim the Kingdom of God from all nations eventuating Millennial Reign.

Revelation Commentary puts it this way: (

“The single most important point of chapter 10 seems to be the angelic announcement that “in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound [the 7th trumpet], then the mystery of God is finished.” Now that we know this fact, there will be no need for the strong angel to descend from heaven to report a fact already known by the reader of the Revelation. “ [emphasis mine]

Much is ventured as to what this little book is and to its content. To hazard another guess serves little purpose. We understand according to scripture that it is “sweet to the taste but bitter to the stomach.” Ezekiel had the same or similar experience. In the Book of Ezekiel 2:9, 10 to 3:3 it reads in summary: “There were all kinds of sad songs, sad stories, and warnings.” Ezekiel is specific to Israel and a caution of worldly events to come. PS: this is also where one finds the proverbial Ezekiel’s Wheel passage.

The reason we won’t discuss or venture a specific guess to the contents of this little book in Revelation 10 is found in verse 10:4; the book is sealed up.” That which the Lord God orders sealed is SEALED. Mankind does not know what is in it until God reveals it. Any one claiming to know is speaking in scriptural ignorance or a deceiver. When the contents of this book is revealed, all will know.

What draws or should demand our attention is found in the next couple of verses. In short, it states… “there is no longer any delay. When this 7th trumpet begins to sound the mystery of God will be finished.” [Paraphrased from the KJV). There will no longer be any purpose to delay the understanding of God’s Mystery. It is again venturing a guess, but this could not only be the End of Time as created in Genesis 1:4, but as to whom and what is God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It may be a description of the Millennial Kingdom. It could be the nations of the world uniting against Christ’s arrival in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives. Your education idea is or may be a solid as anyone’s. It is a mystery. The book was sealed up in John’s heart. No one knows until we all know.

Eine Frau sagt als Zeuge bei Gericht in einem Gerichtsverfahren aus. Wird vereidigt und schwört auf die Bibel.

We have a practice in our judicial system of lifting a hand and swearing to tell the truth. This is, was and continues to be a practice throughout the world. Even a salute is similar to showing one has taken an oath. The angel in verses 5 and 6 reflect this practice. So help me God…! This angel swears that esomai (should be) no time anymore. It is a futuristic but eminent event. Time will be no more. Just as we are promised a new heaven and a new earth, time will be senseless. This is the essence of eternity. It is not measured in time since time is no longer. This too may be what John read in the little book. Any church or gospel song proclaiming a number of years after this point, as well meaning as they are, are based upon bog thinking; i.e. dangerous grounds.

From this point forward in chapter 10 things move fast. John is told to take the little book from the hand of the great angel and eat it. It initially is sweet to the tongue. It might be similar to one eating something that is good, but later it is tough on the stomach; i.e. indigestion. John had a severe case of indigestion after eat the book. Again, to venture guesses at this cause and effect is at best speculation. However, we do know the result of this bad taste after-affect. John is told, this is why that which caused the indigestion is the reason he (verse 11) MUST prophecy again (palin) with a renewed spirit. He is exiled to the Island of Patmos when he writes Revelation. This tells him that he will soon be released and must continue doing what it was that got him exiled in the first place.

In chapter 11 of Revelation, there is a significant shift in time and events. We now find ourselves studying the events of the Tribulation. This is the two witnesses. I will speculate at their identity in the next article in our Revelation Study. It will be nothing upon which to build doctrine but it will be supported by other scripture.

Dr. jStarkRev. Dr. James Stark

December 2015

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