They Went Thata’ Way – Noah’s DNA

Noah’s DNA Fall Term – 2017

Let’s begin with a review of the two times waters covered the earth. The first time found earth without form and void. The second time was the global flood 1,657 years later after the first time. If there was no second flood, then there was no need for a Noah. Noah is the ancestor of today’s 7 billion people.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Genesis 1:1–2

This verse suggests that the land and water had yet to be divided. It isn’t until Genesis 1:6 & 7 that God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) separated the land from the waters. Verse 1:7 is actually telling us that this is when God created the atmosphere with clouds and tons of moisture. The surface of the earth was UNDER WATER. In verse 9 we read that DRY EARTH appeared. This explains why in so many places on earth tour guides will tell visitors about huge but now missing seas. How about considering Noah’s Flood to their explanation?

Upon closely reading verse 9 & 10 we read that the waters on earth at this time were “gathered together into one place.” I.E. There was an expanse of waters and an expanse of dry land; one mass of land. Continents had not yet been separated. This division of the lands on earth does not happen until the birth of Eber’s son Peleg. His name means, “When the firmament was separated or divided.”

1,657 years later upon the death of Methuselah the NOATIC FLOOD occurred. After the flood the world was repopulated by the passengers on the Ark. The animals were probably all juveniles within their species. The three other men aboard the Ark men were of Noah’s DNA (Y chromosome). The three wives are of unknown background, other than related to or in the line of Adam and Eve. They gave Noah at least 16 known grandsons. It is not uncommon for the bible to add or ignore that there are or may be other “sons and daughters” not mentioned in any list of descendants.

“God has left us ample evidence to confirm that these 16 grandsons of Noah really lived, that the names the Bible gives were their exact names, and that after the Babel dispersion (Genesis 11:1-32) *their descendants fanned out over the earth and established the various nations of the ancient world.” [Creation Magazine]

*Their descendants did not “occupy the earth” until God intervened confusing their languages forcing them to segregate in other parts of the earth. It is only then that they occupied the earth as God had commanded Noah and his sons (Genesis 1:28). Some daring individuals may have “occupied the earth” outside of their babel community, but for the most part, they stayed together. “Those of a feather….”

For our knowledge and understanding, Noah lived 350 after the flood (Genesis 9:28); Shem lived another 500 years (Genesis 11:10, 11); the ages of Ham and Japheth go unmentioned. However, they lived long lives since there is much mentioned of their feats, offspring and migrations after the deluge.

For this study, keep these three things in mind:

  1. People in history past, living in various areas, called themselves by the name of the man who was their common ancestor. Just as men do today with their surname. We still name villages and streets after individuals as a mark of identity or in-common heritage.
  2. They called their land, and often their major city and major river, by his name or some form of that name.
  3. Sometimes the various nations fell off into ancestor worship. When this happened, it was natural for them to name their god after the man who was ancestor of all of them, or to claim their long-living ancestor as their god.
  4. “…and they had other sons and daughters.” This means the descendants listed in the Bible does not include all of their sons and/or daughters.

Great empires of the past: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, and Persia all have strong historical links to the Biblical figures connected with the sons of Noah. Most, if not all, tribes and nations can be traced to these men through their descendants. This in no way means these people remained within the culture of their founder or continued to recognize their ancestries. The big “HOWEVER” is that all mankind descended from Noah, Japheth, Shem, and Ham…NO EXCEPTIONS.

We must be cautious as to the origination of supposed historians or writer’s data or suppositions. Too often they have hidden and often not so hidden agendas when they record their take of lineage. Historical revisionists are the death of truth. This is very much an End Time trait. Even this website’s author’s insights should be challenged per the facts. We teach – You decide.

One more thing for which we need to be mindful; one can get his or her DNA traced backward to a nationality or mix of nationalities. This does NOT mean one’s DNA has been traced backward to its origination be it Noah (after the flood), Japheth, Shem or Ham. For this we need a study like this. Using linguistics, migrations, names of nations and peoples, and a grasp of the same groupings called by different names in different countries and languages. There is no way this short study intends to bring all of that detail forward. We will look at the obvious trends, migrations, name chasing, and the like as discussed in the bible (primarily Genesis 10 & 11) and recorded by reliable historians of the past.

Here is an example: the Iberian Peninsula is in and of its very name is reflective of the name Eber, Noah’s great-great grandson through Shem. The obvious question is why would it be referred to by such a name? Using tradition it would be named after a people or progenitor of a given peoples. When the Northern Kingdom of Israel’s ten northern tribes were forced out of their land by the Assyrians around 720 B.C. They had to go somewhere.s

Solomon had trade routes to Tarshis (Spain) back in the 900’s B.C. Spain (Iberian Peninsula) was an active territory with Solomon. He had many Israelites settled there to conduct business of mine the natural resources. He often had Phoenician sailors (I Kings 9:27).

When in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue King Ferdinand of Spain and his vengeful queen Isabel, devout Catholics, first chased out the Muslims in Spain who had previously overran someone else in their conquest of that same land. At this time the Spanish inquisitions began against a huge and significant population of Israelites (Jews) in this Iberian Peninsula. His policy was, convert to Catholicism, leave the land, or be killed. What peoples are in-common here to both the Muslim Arabs and the Catholics of King Ferdinand? The answer is Israelites. Thus, the land was called *Iberian Peninsula after the original progenitor of these Israelites through Shem.

*Eber is from where we get the identity and name “Hebrew, Iber, Uber or Iberian.“

How does this serve as an example? Spain is a mix of peoples from Arabic, Japheth, and Israeli blood. So if one’s DNA inquiry results say “SPANISH by ‘X’ percent,” then one must also know which brand of Spanish s/he might be: Arabic mix, Japheth mix, or Israeli mix? Eber means “the land beyond” or affixed to “wanderers.” This is highly suggestive of the original peoples in this once unpopulated land being Israelites; ever since Solomon’s time and when they were expelled and dispersed from their Northern Kingdom Israel by the Assyrians. Not conclusive but certainly inclusive. There is more to this but this is good enough for an introduction.


Let me add one more supporting piece of interesting research information. Since many places are named after the founder, especially in old times, the Iberian Peninsula has one more undeniable fact. The River Ebro (Eber) cuts right through the center of Spain in a north west to south east direction. This is another linguistic clue as to the original people who occupied and gave name to this land after the flood, Solomon’s trade routes, and the Assyrian dispersion of the Kingdom of Israel.

dnaWe will find that linguistic studies are a fairly solid platform of origination of people, places, and things in our continuing studies of Noah’s DNA; which way did they go. Today the name may not reflect the current occupants of a given land, but it is historically reflective of the name of its founders; i.e. Alexandria, Egypt… a city built by Alexander the Great and named after its founder. Add to this as to why God had so many “BEGATS LISTED” in His Holy Bible. We can trace global events and people through a bible study such as this course. “Study to show one’s self approved.”    


Rev. Dr. Jstark September, 2017



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