The Book of Esther

Introduction to Esther

How does one discuss or explain verses in a Bible book that does not even mention God, Jehovah, heaven, eternity, End Time, Prophets, or prophesies from the prophets or other books in the Old Testament? Since a verse-by-verse approach is not fitting for a book that constitutes an inclusive segment within history and being that the Book of Esther is the LAST book of history in the Bible, we need to take the surrounding events that played up to this event around 480 B.C. to perhaps 465 B.C.

Let’ begin with a timeline. Why? If it is the last historical book of the Old Testament that means historical event led up to it. It also means it has an influence on things that followed. This history of Esther and the Jews results from the hundreds of thousand if not millions of Jews (Judeans) including those from the kingdom of Judah who were also taken captive who did not return to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel, Nehemiah or Ezra. But she undoubtedly knew of them and the return of 50,000 to 60,000 Judeans shortly before her birth.

STAY TUNE for the Timeline next week!!

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