Daniel 11 – prophecies concerning our history and End Time Events.

Revelation is often considered to be a book of the Bible that can be difficult to understand. One of the books of the Bible that rivals Revelation for understanding is the Book of Daniel. Especially chapter 11. Adding to this supposed understanding issue is a curiosity about why Daniel wrote different parts of his book in two distinct languages. In its original text, Daniel 11: 1 to 2a is written in Hebrew. Daniel 2:4 through 7:28 is written in Aramaic. After chapter 7:28 Daniel is written in Hebrew. There is much speculation as to why one book would be written, in part, in two different languages. There isn’t room in this article to brief the reader on each speculation as to why this is so. But there possibly is a simple reason.

There is one very logical reason for this when one parallels secular history with time up to End Time prophecies. The reason for using two different languages within the text for Daniel is called “the intended target market.” The separation of languages is because of the fulfillment of prophecies that address two different groups of people, but all within a common vision and shared timeline. After the introduction of Daniel in 11:1 – 2a, Daniel is focused on the secular (Aramaic) world. That is, until Daniel 7:28. From that point on to the end of Daniel, the focus includes the world but is focused on consequences per Jacob’s Hebrew descendants; the 12 Tribes of Israel [Jacob]. The focus targets the consequences of Jacob’s descendants from Daniel 7:29 forward. This is where one finds end-time Tribulation prophecies for the world with an overall focus or consequence aimed at the global descendants of Jacob by the world focused on THEM.

Example: Why do competing teams, in the same game, have different uniforms and their cheering crowds wear their team colors? The obvious is that one can express his or her support for or against one or the other team. Daniel 11 is similar. Daniel 11:1 through 2:3 is in Hebrew. Daniel 2:4 through 7:28 is written in Aramaic (non-Hebrew populations) of that time and End Time parallel prophecies. The rest of Daniel (7:29 to the end of this book) is written in Hebrew. It is directed at the Israeli people of that time and the future end time. Yes, history will repeat itself. These prophetic threats will be fulfilled in direct or indirect forms. It means the future holds different paths for those of Israeli descent and those to whom the Bible identifies as Greek (non-Israeli) and nonbelievers. These are differing paths for Israel and the secular world, but the same history timeline of a shared world.

Daniel chapter 11 presents a future of the world that parallels many factors of End Time Tribulation and the antichrist. What is seriously missing in Daniel 11 is noun identifications of these future events and Tribulation people.  There is a good reason for this. We read in Daniel 11 of many prophetic actions that go (pronoun) nameless. One reason is that it is a parallel of two similar prophecies at two different times. Daniel 11 addresses a future to Daniel that we now call history in secular texts, plus a future we call End Time (Tribulation). Ahabiblemonents.com stands on the principle that Bible history and secular histories share the same timeline. They are as distinct as the histories of one person and the history of another but parallel in time, world, manner, and facts. Simply put…just as Daniel 11 has Israeli (Hebrew) and non-Israeli (Aramaic) message targets, they share the same historical and End Time timeline with very different consequences.

Daniel 11 is one of those highly debated chapters of prophecy that are questioned as to if written before each prophetic event or after each prophetic fulfillment. One can see this by reviewing Nebuchadnezzar’s multi-metal layered statue dream in Daniel 2. The Daniel 11 debatewas it written, in whole, before all prophesied events occurred, or after each prophetic event and by another men’s pen? Because chapter 11 is so accurate, so-called secular experts of this world make it a point that such accuracy is impossible. These people fail to understand the word “prophecy”. With this impossible accuracy being advocated by them, secularists should pay close attention to the remaining unfulfilled prophecies and their accuracy.

What will follow in ahabiblemoments.com over the next few weeks, in shortened articles, is evidence of who and what Daniel’s prophecies include using nouns instead of pronouns. Each article will be on actual secular and historical events of both Israel and the world around it.  Essentially, we will also explain how the two groups will interact when the antichrist appears. We do this by researching and comparing secular and Biblical histories and timelines merging into a common timeline. Then, we insert the proper names, places, and things into the unnamed pronouns of each verse in Daniel 11. Our goal is not to prove the world and the Bible are not related, i.e., separate entities, but to point out that true Bible facts are supported by secular histories. They are the same global history and future; just two different peoples and their consequences of End Time and Tribulation.

Rev. Dr. Jstark

PS: (Bonus ahamoment) The following is taken from a secular science article written in *Smithsonian, Ocean Find Your Blue. It supports the fact that oceans once covered the earth. Their reasoning for it purposely avoids the time and Noah’s Ark that concluded the ancient world. It adds a great number of years to infer their conclusions. More accurately said, to refute the Word of God. The bottom line: They declare the earth once was immersed in a great ocean.

*Between asteroid and comet bombardments, scientists believe enough time passed for vaporized water to condense and settle on the earth’s surface. According to the most recent scientific studies, an ancient ocean likely covered the entire planet… 150 million years after the formation of Earth, about 4.4 billion years ago. Scientists know this through the discovery of ancient zircon crystals that were dated around this time. These crystals can hold up against temperatures that would melt and destroy most other rocks, and a subset discovered in Australia have a specific chemistry that indicates the crystals formed through a sedimentary process in a cool and wet environment—what scientists infer to be an ancient ocean floor.


Daniel 11 timeline of Daniel’s prophecies currently fulfilled – J.E. Huntley

We at ahabiblemoments.com suggest that since we are told the toes on Nebuchadnezzar’s dream statue (Daniel 2) are composed of Iron and clay, they cannot mix. Two different entities. One is the kingdom of the antichrist, and the other kingdom is opposed to him. This is just before the return of Christ to set up the Kingdom of God as stated in the Lord’s Prayer.

Consider the Kingdom of the King of the North to be the antichrist’s power and the Kingdom of the South to be that of Muslim nations. Of course, this is speculation but when the shoe fits….(Iron versus clay)

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  1. Hey! You can’t stop right here. That’s what dad did when he’d read The Sugar Creek Gang books yo us just before bedtime 🌙. This study is superb!
    Thank you.


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