The Unique Science of Left-Handedness (What the Bible alludes to about left-handedness)…connecting the dots.

Ahamoment: The lead to this ahamoment is an article written by someone who knows DNA cause and effect. He tries, and to some degree explains this phenomenon. Read this article keeping in mind a quote from him: “We do know, or highly suspect, the genetic makeup for a person to have a dominant left hand can be traced back to a group of ambidextrous people in the ancient Middle East.” Now read his article. We will explain how this “Middle East” factor is Bible-based. He doesn’t say that but we will since his research concludes that lefties came from “a group of ambidextrous people (originating) in the Middle East. [Article emphasis mine]

Dan Robitzski – a neuroscientist-turned-journalist; New York University: (Then the Biblical given reason for left-handedness)

“Steak knives, scissors, writing desks, and power tools: If you bring any of these things up around someone and they cringe, they either have a bizarre story to tell or they’re just left-handed, and, like 12 percent of the population, live in a world that’s not designed for them.

But handedness goes deeper than how you like to hold a pen. A dive into the genetics of handedness reveals that southpaws have quite a few other things in common, as well. But before that, it’s important to understand where handedness comes from.

Where Does Handedness Come From?

It used to be thought that lefties came to be as a result of a mother being stressed during pregnancy, but a more scientifically valid explanation has traced handedness to specific genes. Geneticists debated for years over whether the genes responsible for handedness were spread throughout our DNA or whether it was just one gene; there seemed to be no clear pattern. We do know, or highly suspect, the genetic makeup for a person to have a dominant left hand can be traced back to a group of ambidextrous people in the ancient Middle East. Most likely they married right-handed mates leading to children who might be right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous.

Now, it seems to be accepted that one gene does most of the work.

But even so, it’s still difficult to predict whether a child will be right or left-handed. Because we receive genetic information from both parents, there is a chance it could go either way, even if mom and pop are both lefties themselves. If both parents are ambidextrous, their offspring will follow suit.

People who have but one variant of the gene in question will always be born right-handed. The other less common variant is up to chance, so babies with the “random” gene will still have a 50-50 chance of being a righty anyway. This is why most people end up right-handed and some sets of identical twins have opposite dominant hands.

What Do We Know About Lefty Genetics?

It seems like that handedness gene or at least others that are closely associated with it is responsible for quite a lot. For example, lefties have been shown to have higher rates of diseases, like inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn’s disease.

Most studies on handedness and potential health risks only show that there’s a link between the two, not any direct cause-and-effect relationship. But even if the exact cause of these diseases remains unknown, you definitely can’t blame it on the struggle with right-handed silverware.

What Does a Lefty’s Brain Look Like?

Many of the notable differences between the brains of righties and lefties remain undiscovered, as lefties are often left out of neuroscientific research because those exact differences can come across as noise in a given study’s data. Despite a 2014 plea to start studying lefties more extensively, little progress has been made. Meanwhile, we know all about how to create mutant left-handed plants. How’s that for scientific priorities?

But we do know some things. Notably, the brains of lefties tend to use broader swaths of the cortex for different tasks. While righties use just one of their brain’s hemispheres to remember specific events or process language, these brain functions are spread out across both hemispheres in lefties.

This may make left-handed people more resilient to strokes or other conditions that damage specific brain regions. If a righty has the small part of their brain responsible for language taken out by a stroke, then that’s that. But because lefties use more of their brain for these tasks, it’s like they have a built-in backup. This widespread brain activation may make southpaws more susceptible to conditions like ADHD and schizophrenia, in which unregulated, heightened activity across multiple regions of the brain causes problems.

That’s still a big improvement from previous theories that left-handed people had shorter lifespans linked to increased emotional problems during childhood. But these theories have never found a foothold, getting debunked time and again.

It’s Not Always About Biology

Some of the differences between righties and lefties are more sociological than biological. For example, lefties are commonly cited as better fighters. Scientific attempts to correlate left-handedness with a violent predisposition have always fallen short, and it seems like the advantage comes from an element of surprise since lefties are a perpetual minority. This is why lefties are commonly seen as advantaged in head-to-head or combat sports like boxing, tennis, and fencing.

While the science trickles in, it’s important to remember that many of these neurological differences between righties and lefties are minimal, and for the most part, you won’t see too much of a difference between people, unless you count some awkwardness when you go for a handshake, or maybe a bumped elbow or two at the dinner table.”

Following is the ahabiblemoment Bible explanation for Left-handedness:

The Bible gives us the DNA answer to the above article. Mr. Robitzski tries to connect left-handedness with social influence, genetics, environmental conditions, DNA, and mother mitochondrial. Dan Robitzski points out that research has traced left-handedness to a single group of people in the Middle East. He essentially, probably in ignorance, identifies the Biblical explanation. He fails, however, to identify this single group of Middle Easterners. We can identify this “group” of people by using scripture. Yes, the Bible agrees with science that the “group of people” originated in the near Middle East.

For background, click on and read (1 Chronicles 12:2; Judges 3:15–21). There are only three places in scripture that mention people being or using their left hand. Another place is Judges 20:16.

The ahamoment: all incidences in the three scriptures involve a direct connection to the Tribe of Benjamin. Let’s explain the process.

For the truly inquisitive mind, consider Judges chapters 19-21. The short of it…Benjaminites of ancient history are specifically identified as ambidextrous. When the Bible says something, there is a practical reason for so doing. We often miss why a word, statement, or name is listed when other times the bible uses pronouns.

So, how did we get lefties? Judges 19:1 begins the reasoning behind the real cause and effect…there was a certain Levite staying in the remote mountains of Ephraim. He took for himself a concubine from Bethlehem in Judah. After several days of delayed departures from the house of the concubine’s father, they set out but failed to reach their destination by nightfall. As was the custom of that day in Israel, a traveler would sit in the town square. This indicated a need for overnight lodging. The Levi and his concubine did this in a Benjaminite town called Gibeah. Judges 19:22 forward explains that “perverted men” beat on the door of the man who was lodging the travelers. Bring out the man who came to your house, that we may know him carnally!”

Their demand was rejected by the Levites housing host. Eventually, through constant harassment, these perverted men got their hands on the concubine. She was found dead at the door of the guest house the next morning. To shorten this briefing, the Levi priest, in anger and grief, made this travesty known to all the other Tribes of Israel. When the other 11 tribes aligned themselves against the Benjaminites, they refused to give up the names of the violators or turn over the evil men who raped and killed the concubine. The other 11 Tribes sent military forces against their brother Tribe of Benjamin to force justice. Battles ensued. After initial Benjaminite victories on the battlefield, the population of the Tribe of Benjamin in battle with the other 11 Tribes of Israel, was reduced to almost elimination. (Judges 20)

In after-the-fact remorse, the 11 Tribes of Israel/Jacob gave their daughters to the Benjaminites. Here is where the evidence of where lefties of this world originated. The other 11 Tribes, all but the Benjaminites, were right-handed. This was a basic truth of the global population at that time in history. The resulting children of their ambidextrous Benjaminites with right-handed wives from the eleven other Tribes were children being left-handed, right-handed, or ambidextrous. By probability, DNA, and genetic factors, this gave the world its Left-handed populations. If one checks the ancient stone chiseled reliefs regardless of their location, they all show that the world was right-handed. This situation in Judges shows a practical common-sense reason there are left-handed, right-handed, and ambidextrous people in this world today. It points to another world truth factor of the Bible that science proves but refuses to give credit to it origination.

Rev. Dr. Jstark

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