Daniel 7:5-10 (verse by verse commentary)

Daniel 7:5 “And suddenly another beast, a second, like a bear. It was raised up on one side, and had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth. And they said thus to it: ‘Arise, devour much flesh!’

The suddenness of the Medes conquest of Babylon (i.e., Belshazzar) without a fight, entering and taking total control of this emerald and huge center of political power. Aristotle describes the Medes and Persians to be like a bear… an” all-devouring animal”. The cruelness of Persians can be seen back in Daniel 6:24. Not only were the false accusers of Daniel (lion’s den) thrown into the den of lions but so were their families. The much flesh devoured was the cruel conquest of many other city-nations.

Daniel 7:6  “After this, I looked, and there was another, like a leopard, which had on its back four wings of a bird. The beast also had four heads, and dominion was given to it.”

This refers to the prophesied swiftness of Alexander the Great. He conquered many nations and city-states with the speed of a Leopard. His conquest began as a drive for vengeance against Persia for their aggression against Greece that he was taught about by his tutor Aristotle and his father Philip, King of Macedonia. Persian King Darius III, not the Darius who reigned over Babylon for only two years before retiring, had attempted to conquer Greece a hundred years earlier. It was Alexander’s father, Philip, who transformed the Macedonian army into one of the most feared fighting machines in the ancient world. This was part of Alexander’s inheritance.

Four wings and four heads and dominion were given to it. These are the four succeeding Generals of Alexander’s conquests who divided between them and fought over what the Greek Macedonians had conquered. Alexander had no heirs.

Dan 7:7  “After this, I saw in the night visions, and behold, a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, exceedingly strong. It had huge iron teeth; it was devouring, breaking in pieces, and trampling the residue with its feet. It was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns.

The fourth beast is not described as like unto another wild animal. So far, we have seen lion, bear, and leopard comparisons…three different kingdoms/empires.  This one is not given a comparison identity. Why? What we do get is a similarity to Daniel_2:41-43; the “iron teeth” here allude to one of the materials in the fourth kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar’s statue image in Daniel chapter 2. The iron is the legs. Recall history. There are two legs of iron. Rome was divided between the West empire in Rome and the east empire in Byzantine (*Constantinople). The western Roman Empire eventually became the seat of power for the Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire. The eastern Roman empire, Byzantine eventually fell to the sultans of Turkey meaning Islam.

*Constantinople became the de facto capital of the Roman Empire upon its founding in B.C. 330, and became the de jure capital in AD 476 after the fall of Ravenna and the Western Roman Empire. It remained the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire (also known as the Byzantine Empire; 330–1204 and 1261–1453), the Latin Empire (1204–1261), and the Ottoman Empire (1453–1922). Following the Turkish War of Independence, the Turkish capital then moved to Ankara. Officially renamed Istanbul in 1930 A.D. (Wikipedia)

PS: For an intriguing comparison and educating read, look up the Bahman Yasht.

The Ten Horns: Jamison-Fausset Commentary writes… The ten kingdoms, therefore, prefigured by the ten “toes” (Daniel_2:41; compare Revelation_13:1 & 17:12), are the ten kingdoms into which Rome shall be found finally divided when Antichrist shall appear. [Revelation 17:12 says that the ten kings are given authority but for one hour by Antichrist] These, probably, are prefigured by the number ten being the prevalent one at the chief turning points of Roman history. (modification mine)

Daniel 7:8  I was considering the horns, and there was another horn, a little one, coming up among them, before whom three of the first horns were plucked out by the roots. And there, in this horn, were eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking pompous words.

The “I” here is Daniel speaking. Look back a few sentences in the bold print of this verse-by-verse commentary. There are ten kings given authority for one hour. Then, seven of these temporary kings will surrender their crowns to the little horn. The mouth speaking pompous words is the idle made of the Antichrist and ordered to be made by the false prophet (church). It will be given the power to speak [Revelation 13:15]. The three horns plucked out by the roots mean three of these kings will need to be forcibly removed.

Daniel seems to shift in his prophesies and vision of End Time. We now see the intervention of the Godhead. He begins to alert the Israelites (Jews) of their pending troubles (chapters 8-12). Not that Israelis haven’t paid huge bounties over the centuries just to exist, the severity, they will finally declare the Messiah for who he is.

Daniel 7:9 “I watched till thrones were put in place, And the Ancient of Days was seated; His garment was white as snow, And the hair of His head was like pure wool. His throne was a fiery flame, Its wheels a burning fire” [NKJV]

Dr. David Guzic writes: The King James Version poorly translates this as thrones were cast down. The New King James Version corrects this and indicates that the thrones are established.

Ephesians 3:1-7 helps with an understanding of these thrones, Gentiles, and Israelites. It will not just be Jews who are given the future power to be sons of God. Ezekiel’s visions are synchronicity with Daniel’s prophecies. Most people do not realize that Ezekiel too was a Jewish Babylonian captive. Take a side road and glance through Ezekiel chapter 1 (click on the highlighted text).

Thrones are in place, the Ancient of Days is seated on HIS throne, he wears a pure white garment, his hair is like pure WOOL (?), his throne is ablaze [in holiness] … does your mind picture the true God/Christ?

Daniel 7:10 A fiery stream issued and came forth from before Him. A thousand-thousands ministered to Him; Ten thousand times ten thousand stood before Him. The court was seated, And the books were opened”.

If this verse does not increase the anticipation of the reader, there is a problem with understanding. This does not mean one struggles to interpret the scene. It means one’s mind needs to picture this scene. This is a continuation of the previous verse. Click on and read the following passages from Revelation 4:4 and Ephesians 3:1-7. Although Daniel writes his autobiography, local and global prophecies, and a prophetic view of our tomorrows, he makes it clear that this is not the elimination of Gentiles in God’s judgment and Millennial Reign. It is now Christ on the throne and judgment day is come.

…AND THE BOOKS ARE OPENED! The unbeliever will then (now) be judged as will be all unbelievers in heaven and on earth. Satan’s doom is now at hand. So is his fellow fallen angels, Satan’s minions.

Rev. Dr. Jstark

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