When The Vet Can’t Fix Me

Things have been tough lately for me and my mom. I know when she hurts but it is I who bytheShadowhas been in a lot of distress lately. My mom struggles with Multiple Sclerosis and she tells me the doctors “manage” the disease but there is no cure. Unfortunately, there is no cure for me. I’ve already had many tests and more tests would pinpoint exactly what is going on with me. But my Vet, Dr. Heather has primary tests results with reason to believe it is a life-long condition with no cure. We are working on keeping the symptoms managed. The exact diagnosis and radical treatment would be super expensive and the treatment could be harsher than the disease.

Dr.Heather and Shadow

I love my Vet!

So what’s a dog to do? Number one: I take my medication and sleep more. Much of the time I seem “normal” to people but my mom sees my pain. I have good days and play hard then and I am still a good working Service dog for the most part. I love my job. I love my mom. Lately I wash away my mom tears as she hugs me more and tells me she is sorry. This I do not understand because she hasn’t hurt me.

My mom tells me Ancient Wisdom says there is a time for everything. There will come a time when my time is up; whatever that means. And there will be a time when my mom’s time is up also. My mom calls this time simply Heaven and that we will hurt no more.

But like my mom who has and is fighting a tough battle to keep on keeping on; so will I. With the help of my Vet, Dr. Heather and my mom- I will continue to fight until I can fight no longer. After all, there is much work to do and my mom needs me. We need each other.

If you are in a battle of any sort, fight on and never give up. We are doing all we are able to do. There will be a time when the “time” will come for all of us. For me and my mom that time is called Heaven.

I Think I Wanna Be A Cat

bytheShadowHaving Murphy the cat around has taught me how easy life is for a cat! He just does whatever he wants, however he wants and only when he wants to! What a life! Eat, drink and be merry! I have to work. I love to work but maybe I just wanna be a do nothing cat, sounds easy and fun. Murphy is like a free loader. In defense of Murphy, my mom says I need to mention the value he adds to our lives. Okay, okay, this Service Dog has to think deep….a cat that adds value…

Okay, Murphy the cat can be entertaining. Especially fun to chase if I get away with it. Usually, my mom tells me to knock it off or “kennel.” Murphy does have a heart too, I watch him lick my mom tears away and cuddle next to her on one of her difficult days. (I get a bit upset when Murphy starts acting like a Service Dog though).

MurphyJMe wanting the easy life of a cat and Murphy the cat acting like a Service dog can be a bit confusing. Murphy has even picked up a pen my mom dropped (just to chew on it not bring it back to her like I would do). He is messing with my harness while it is propped up against the wall, when I am not working. He better not be getting any big ideas. I am the Service dog, he is the cat!

My mom told me the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. She reminds me if I was a cat I will have to go potty in a box, and stay in the apartment. My mom even mentions how I may have to hack up hair balls. That did it. I don’t want to be cat.

Seems like everybody wants to be somebody else. Take it from a Service Dog- I learned a new lesson in life. We are created to be who we are; no one else can replace us, nor can we be them, even if we tried.  You are unique and have a great purpose for your life that only you can fulfill. Enjoy being YOU. You can not be a better someone else because that isn’t who G-d created you to be. You are beautiful just the way you are. Be YOU!