Necessary Nudges

Sometimes I just gotta nudge my mom. There are times when I tap her with my

I am "The Shadow"

I am “The Shadow”

paw. Sometimes I nudge her with my nose and/or rest my chin on her. Sometimes I use my whole body to block her or get her attention quick. You’d think I would know why I get these sudden urges to “nudge” my mom but it isn’t always so. At times, I just want to make sure she is okay and that she knows I am by her side.
Sometimes my mom says I just want attention and I have to admit that is true. Then one of the times when my mom didn’t wear her V-Pap breathing machine I had to tap her and tap her hard. That night she was a good mom and put the mask back on. A few times I knew my mom didn’t see the curb so I nudge her by walking purposely into her. I do know how to get her attention. A trip or a fall could really hurt my mom so “the necessary nudge” is a true lifesaving technique even when I don’t know for sure why I sense the need to do it. My mom says in a way it is a gift.

neccessary nudges
Have you ever felt “nudged” before? Perhaps like a gut feeling not to go somewhere or take a different way home from work? Or maybe to make a phone call to someone you hadn’t seen in a while. Pay attention to the “nudges” of life, you never know the life you impact or the life you may save. There are no coincidences in life; rather there are necessary nudges.