Keep Moving

bytheShadowI love going places with my mom. Many people ask my mom what does she do? I am called a “Mobility Dog.” My main job is to help my mom stay mobile by helping her with balance, support, and bracing. My mom has a wheelchair stored in a closet and it is where we hope it will stay. During times I am out of harness when we go for a walk my mom uses a walker to keep stable.

Two Mobility Specialists

Two Mobility Specialists

There is another type of Mobility Specialist called a chiropractor. My mom goes to Dr. Marc who uses his hands to set my mom straight. Dr. Marc says it is important to keep moving. The adjustment helps her keep moving and gets rid of headaches. (If Dr. Marc would just take Murphy he would be taking away my headache!) I love Dr. Marc and his staff as they also “treat me” literally with treats while always treating my mom with compassion and care.

Keep moving. There is no such thing as staying in place. If we are not moving forward, we are losing ground. Even when life is painful and it seems like you take three steps forward and two steps backwards, be thankful for the one step you gained…and keep moving- forward.

A Sad, Short Tale

OUCH! Suddenly a deep, electrifying pain shoots through my little tail. I bolt frombytheShadow my mom almost causing her to lose balance. I look back at my tail that has betrayed me, checking it out. The little stub curls over like it is trying to play dead. The pain is sudden and agonizing for those seconds. My mom calls me over to make sure I am okay. For now, I am. But I don’t know for how long before it hits again…it could be months or it could be days. The unexpected, writhing pain is almost too much to bear.

Who’d think a little tail could cause such big pain! Someone had my tail cropped when I was a pup and that choice brings me great agony at unexpected times. I wish I could have my whole tail back! Only a little bit of the stub remains. If only…they had left my tail alone! Nothing can be done to undo the damage. Nothing can stop those agonizing moments. This is my short, sad tale of my short tail.

No regrets

Don’t look back.

Have you done things that later caused great grief? No matter what caused us to not do what we wish we did, there are those times in life we wish we could re-do. But we can’t. At night or at unexpected times our minds may flood with the “IF ONLYS.” If only my tail didn’t hurt, if only I wasn’t so whiney that day, if only I didn’t chase that cat, if only I could do it over again…IF ONLY!
I wish I could RE-DO a Friday. I agonized over that day. I feel like I missed an opportunity of a lifetime. But I cannot redo it. No one can fix the past. Regrets will haunt us  like the squirrel that got away…unless we choose to move on. We may have moments of falling back into the agony of IF ONLY. If only’s are usually sad tales. But we have hope; we can be more determined and not miss another opportunity if it knocks. Happy tales to you!

Necessary Nudges

Sometimes I just gotta nudge my mom. There are times when I tap her with my

I am "The Shadow"

I am “The Shadow”

paw. Sometimes I nudge her with my nose and/or rest my chin on her. Sometimes I use my whole body to block her or get her attention quick. You’d think I would know why I get these sudden urges to “nudge” my mom but it isn’t always so. At times, I just want to make sure she is okay and that she knows I am by her side.
Sometimes my mom says I just want attention and I have to admit that is true. Then one of the times when my mom didn’t wear her V-Pap breathing machine I had to tap her and tap her hard. That night she was a good mom and put the mask back on. A few times I knew my mom didn’t see the curb so I nudge her by walking purposely into her. I do know how to get her attention. A trip or a fall could really hurt my mom so “the necessary nudge” is a true lifesaving technique even when I don’t know for sure why I sense the need to do it. My mom says in a way it is a gift.

neccessary nudges
Have you ever felt “nudged” before? Perhaps like a gut feeling not to go somewhere or take a different way home from work? Or maybe to make a phone call to someone you hadn’t seen in a while. Pay attention to the “nudges” of life, you never know the life you impact or the life you may save. There are no coincidences in life; rather there are necessary nudges.