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This  host and author’s hope is that the reader will find these short Bible lessons, secular and biblical history and insights engaging, challenging and even testing at times. It is always this author’s intention to provide a few moments of Bible insight. These “aha moments” might very well drive one to look it up for him or herself… mission accomplished.

Just as we should not sit and accept what others say without question or consideration, the “aha moments” from scripture should also be carefully considered. This Web Site may open one’s eyes to something unknown until now or make something in the Bible and secular history finally link. Even better, these discoveries may encourage individuals to dig into parallel Bible and secular histories to support or even deny the “facts” as stated in these articles.

There will be no conscious effort to challenge denominational planks or other religions. This is intended to be informational and at times humorous, but at no time is the following intended to be sarcastic or anti-anything.

We know that history, as fixed in one’s mind or recorded in books, is also subject to time/timing-of-events and some debate as to when, where and why something happened.

No fixed mindsets, time-sets and/or published histories are being questioned or challenged in these “aha moment articles.”This author’s research for “aha moments in scripture” is not an attempt to change opinions, beliefs, or otherwise be offensive. If any of the afore-mentioned happens, it is incidental to intentions or God’s guidance.I remember sitting in several psychology and sociology classes during my graduate and post graduate studies. It was not the least bit uncommon for students (those in my classes) to talk about our studies during breaks, after class or off campus [online]. We often would review the psychosis, characteristics or profile of a particular malady and often conclude that the disease was describing us.We must remember that it is when these disease descriptors are taken to the extreme that they are a potential for real problem. The same is true of this author’s description of events and the not-so-well-known “aha moment”. Readers may relate to most of the events, or in some cases, not to any of the events.
Recommendation: become well-read and grow in your own Bible history knowledge.
A more detailed profile of Dr. J can be found by clicking here.

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