Pastoral Perspectives

Are you a minister, a pastor, bible teacher or know of one who would like to be a part of the Bible-Web? You or they may send articles, up *250 – 300 words per article, to *Use WORD software for publishing it in this section of ahabiblemoments.

Your article(s) will be published without cost on this webpage;

No fund raisers or fund appeals will be accepted as this site is devoted to the development of disciples (continual learners); serious Bible study with a sense of humor when appropriate.

Example Pastoral Perspectives Page

Your Name
Church Name and contact information
Service hours:

This web site is available to pastors, Bible teachers and missionaries *free of charge or continued obligation. You may write and submit articles or scriptural editorials weekly, monthly or simply occasional articles of up to 300 words per article. Articles and comments must be honoring to God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ. No one will edit articles other than to run spell check before publishing. What you write is what readers will get. My mission is to simply make this opportunity available. Please note on the “Landing Page” viewers have the option of going directly to your Pastors’ Perspectives page.

Readers may click on your picture/name to enter your exclusive section. I am ordained nondenominational so I have no particular affiliation position. This ministry is solely focused on encouraging people to get their nose into the Holy Word of God, to honor Jesus Christ and let the Holy Spirit be a light unto their feet. Your article(s) may be the one thing on this web site that does just that for a reader. Please bear in mind James 3:1. Let this verse be YOUR guiding light as you pen your article(s). It certainly is my guiding light.

God has been very good to me and this is my ministry (pulpit) to reach others for Christ. In an Internet sense, you are one of my guest speakers:) Send your articles by e-mail attachment to ( Use Microsoft WORD or RICH TEXT FORMAT so your articles can be opened and posted. If you wish to discuss this in person, give me a contact number and a best time to make the call. We can meet and pray for God’s blessing on your input, this website, and being “our guest speaker.”

Church identification and contact information are NOT included in the recommended length but encouraged. Disclaimer: The author of each article is responsible for his or her content.

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