What Time Is It?

jStark3When we think of anything it usually includes something within a time. When is one’s appointment? When is one expected at work? What are a store’s open hours? When is the company coming over? Is there a good or better time to visit, meet, go somewhere, do something, have a discussion about something or with someone? Time – time – time!

This is why humans have such difficulty getting a good grasp on what is really eternity. We equate “sitting around the Throne of God” as something that is on the clock and might become boring after a few thousand years. In fact, time is what I needed to write this blog. Even aging is time relevant just as birthdays are marked by time. The days of a week are a form of time. We live by the seasons and calendar. When is the winter or summer solstice?

What time is it??

                                                           What is TIME

Everything we know is based upon time – time – time! What most do NOT KNOW is that “time” is a creation of God, just as are humans and the tree outside your window. It isn’t until verse 5 in Genesis 1 that God calls light ‘day’ and darkness ‘night’; “…and there was evening and there was morning – the first day” (NIV). Up to this verse, what God (trinity) created is just an existence of, uh, what He created.

Not a subject of this blog, but the heavens above and earth were already in created by verse 5. There could be a countless gap between this creation and the creation of light (the sun and solar system). Verse 2 of Genesis 1 clearly states that darkness already existed but this is a different discussion (for additional insights go to verses Genesis 1:14-19 and Genesis 1:31). However, we must stay true to the subject of this blog. A GAP (not the store) is subject to a time frame of when it began and when it ended. It began when God spoke it into existence. It ended when God created day and night; i.e. time.

When we sing songs like Ten Thousand Years (eternity will have just begun); The Dawning of That Day; … are scripturally incorrect. Eternity is timeless. It might be closer, yet still not correct, to call eternity ‘infinity.’ Wikipedia defines infinity as “an abstract concept describing something without limits.” However, giving it a definition effectively puts limits on it.

TIME to get real with this blog…:)

How many “times” has someone stated that eternity with nothing to do but sit around a throne in Heaven is not for him or her? This person simply does not understand eternity. The Bible is full of hints as to what this might be like. The problem comes in when we equate such a prolonged period of time as just that… a prolonged period of time. Time is no more. It went away when God ended it (Matthew 24:31; Psalm 102:26; Psalm 119: 89; Isaiah 51:6; Isaiah 55:11; Matthew 5:18need more convincing? Mark 13:31; Luke 21:33; 2 Peter 3:10; Jeremiah 31:36, 37; Revelation 6: 14).

Consider a moment (a synonym for time) when everything in life seemed simply wonderful; even if it was a thrill ride on a roller coaster. What happens to this MOMENT IN TIME? Well, things move on and time destroys that moment with other issues. If time didn’t do that, a moment of elation would remain be a constant. We wouldn’t tire; we wouldn’t be subjected to other moments that bring us back to reality on earth; but then, this is how things are in a created world. Time moves on as does life. In an eternity with eternal actualities there is no such thing to destroy our moment(s) of elation.

When a Christian steps into his or her eternal body, s/he will for the first time see the heavens and as Revelation 21:1-7 explains. It will be a NEW heaven and a NEW earth. Since this is our introduction to eternity, this moment will become our reality AND our actuality. The Bible does not explain what this ‘new’ is. Why? We couldn’t understand it since we are framed in by what we now know as time meaning this is how we try to grasp it. This is why songs that describe eternity in verse or chorus as a number in days or years are scripturally incorrect. It is all we understand. It is folded into our minute time capsule minds and equated understood as limited or numbered.

Scripture gives us a sense or feel for what life will be like up through the end of Jesus Christ’s millennial reign on earth. This is a true scenario where we can know the end but not understand the new beginning? Why? Because it never before existed. Evolutionists should rally around this new heaven and new earth promise in Revelation 21 as this new creation is something that didn’t exist before. It evolves out of the old order of things and will be superior to what we now understand what exists. However, we lose these people when all of the “NEW” happens when God speaks it into existence (*Revelation 21:6) instead of being buried in evolutionists’ supposition that all is hidden in this “over millions of years” theory.

Revelation 21:5 And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” And He said, “Write, for these words are faithful and true.” v6 Then He said to me, “It is *done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

*ghin’-om-ahee: to bring into existence (what wasn’t before); to cause [it] to be.

An important truth we often don’t consider or think about is that ‘END TIME‘ simply means the end of time.

Time for me to move on to other places to be, things to do and people to see. Boy! Will I be delighted when time is irrelevant; beside the point; not a point in, uh, time.


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