Living Upside Down

bytheShadowServing my mom by helping her balance, pick up stuff, and opening the door is such a joy to me. In a world that seems to be getting more self absorbed and self-centered, so many are missing out on the Joy of giving of themselves. Our friend, Bob Burg, who with John David Mann wrote the book The Go-Giver shares some great wisdom. Bob Burg lives the life of a go-giver.

Murphy practicing a cat's concept of living the upside down life.

Murphy practicing a cat’s concept of living the upside down life.

It seems like the upside down life. You don’t give to get but when you give–you get. Like when I open the door for my mom I get praise and a pat or a hug. Not much beats that in my book. Even when there is  seemingly no pay off for serving there is a reward and it has a value greater than one can convey.

We Service Dogs are called Leader Dogs when we serve the blind. Whether a dog is a leader dog, mobility dog like I am, PTSD dog for a  War Veteran, or Search and Rescue dog or in the many other areas of service…we all are leaders in serving and giving. This makes us Go-Givers in the canine world. We add great value to the lives of our “humans.” Just ask my mom!

Our friend Bob Burg wrote,“Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.” The Go-Giver may seem targeted to business but it can easily be applied to every aspect of life. A Go-Giver is one who gives….could be a smile, good advice, helping a friend move, buying lunch for a stranger or any other act of kindness. Giving at its highest level is motivated by love. There is no love greater than to lay down your life for a friend. Most of us probably won’t be faced with that choice but some will. The truth is I will lay down my life to protect my mom. Mom told me her earnest prayer is if the need arise she would lay down her life for her friends without a second thought. Even when the going gets tough we will live the Go-Giver way and perhaps die a Go-Giver. In a way, it is like living in upside down world when you live not for self; but to put others first. Who is first in your life? Is living without giving – truly living?








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