Will History Repeat Itself?

It first ended in France. Might history repeat itself?

Sometime around 622 c.a. a political and fervent religious influence in the Middle East was spawned. It founder’s ideas were rejected by his home town. He moved then eventually brought his dedicated followers back to his home town; on horses and armed. Many battles ensued until he established himself as a regional leader and spiritual prognosticator. He dies shortly after conquering his former home town.

His successor is his father-in-law. Even though he leads this movement for only two years, his footprint in the sand is established by incredible military victories in The Battles of Uhud, Trench, Khaybar, Hunyan and Tubak. Wikipedia: “Though the period of his (conquests) was not long, it included successful invasions of the two most powerful empires of the time….”

This political, military and religious establishment conquers the Middle East and northern Africa. Assassinations and the sword spread their influence out of Medina with Damascus, Syria then Baghdad eventually becoming its power center.

This political, military and religious force eventually marched on Europe. They would have marched clear through Europe had it not been for King Charles Martel of France. Historian-author Henri Pirene noted, “In less than 200 years (from its birth in Mecca) the Mediterranean was completely in the hands of Islam and its northern coast was what was left of the Roman Empire, ….” Eventually Turkey (Ottoman Empire) dominated Islam.

Battle : Christians vs. Arabians - 8th century

In the 8th century, Charles Martel of France stopped the 1st Islamist invasions of Europe. In 1683 the great Polish warrior, King Jonas (Jan) Sobieski, broke the siege of Vienna marking the end of the 2nd Islamic invasions of Europe. In view of current news from France, will it begin again with the French? Will there be a third invasion or has it already begun?



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