What’s Wrong About “Rights”

It may not be wrong, but it sure it isn’t right! The other day my mom told me to bytheShadow“Kennel.” So I headed over that way. To my shock Murphy was in there! Can you believe the nerve of some cats! At first my mom thought it was cute. This felt like a conspiracy. Murphy seemed to make a point of camping in MY kennel– way back in the corner of it. My mom told me to go in there anyway; so I crawled in and nudged him several times. The goofy cat just rolled over and smiled…well it sure looked like a smile. I backed out of there in a hurry. I was disgusted.take over the dog’s kennel.to my kennel?

Cat in MY Kennel!!

Some may think it’s no big deal. In fact, my mom compromised for a few days telling me it is just a little change, what could be bad about that? Murphy stayed in for a little while at first. Then he stayed in MY Kennel more and more. The longer Murphy made MY kennel his new home the more displaced I felt. No place to go to chill, no Kennel to go in when I was naughty. I never thought of messing with his cat bed (though I did try to get in his litter box once – he has some interesting stuff in there! And I got in BIG trouble for that).  My life became less structured and my “place” of discipline non-existent since Murphy took over my place. The cat decided that he had “rights” to my Kennel.

Well, my mom said enough was enough and tried to shake Murphy out of the Kennel. (Now that was funny!) It didn’t work. My mom got a spray bottle and with two squirts of water Murphy vacated the Kennel! That was all it took. He has not been in My Kennel since!

Most of the time there is nothing wrong with sharing. But giving up our constitutional rights is another thing. We need to take heed. Most of the time giving in a little turns into giving more than we expect. Give an inch and some will take a mile, or a country. Just give a cat a bed and next he’ll try to take over the dog’s kennel.

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