I Confess!

Yes, it is true. I am a dog. I will confess before Murphy, the cat leaks this out to thebytheShadow press. I am a Professional Service Dog and my mom keeps a “short leash” on me to remind me of my higher calling…but some times I slip up bad. I am a dog. Today, I chased the cat not just once but three times. Yeah, I know it is what dogs do and my mom excuses me from some of these things. But chewing up the cat’s toy when I don’t even play with my toys pushed the limit. Plus I barked and barked when my mom was very clear about “leaving it” (people talking in the hallway by our door). My mom sent me to the Kennel to remind me to listen and obey. And my treat monies will go to buy Murphy a new toy to replace the one I chewed up. Yeah, acting unprofessionally is not always worth it but I was out of harness today. (sort of like Sunday only Christians who act un-Christian Monday-Saturday). Excuses work-sometimes. The truth is chasing the cat was totally worth it and fun. Besides Murphy was bugging me too, walking by me swinging his tail and…I think he was smiling at me.

My mom needs to know that dog do dogs things and people do people things and often their actions can be wrong, out of regret, anger, pain or frustration or for temporary pleasure. I am but a dog and don’t know the details of why- but my mom threw the remote across the room. It wasn’t a training exercise for me. But I ran and picked it up and brought it back to her. She didn’t even thank me. She held her head in her hands and cried. So I washed her arm. Last night my mom was crying in the shower…she didn’t think I could hear her. She has some bad days lately and then regrets being a “person” reacting out of emotions rather than being a woman of faith.



People (including my mom) need to know it is okay to be “people.” It is not wise to dwell on the things one can not change or continue to do things one ought not do. But there’s a time to forgive yourself, to let go, regroup, face life and go on. Sort of like a professional service dog –a dog needs to be a dog  and sometimes chase the cat. BUT then we get back to the business of the work we are called to do. Serve and help others.

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